Colonics Beds and How They Work

Colon Hydrotherapy uses specific equipment to introduce water into the large intestine in order to release waste. There are two kinds of colonic systems that can be used to do this. One is the “open” system and the other is the “closed” system. At Living Waters Wellness Center, we use the Open System to clean out the colon. We use top of the line Libbe Colonic beds that are FDA approved and used around the world. The water is filtered using UV light and a special filtration system. The water temperature is controlled with a temperature gauge but can be changed during the colonic session by the client very easily.

Libbe Colonics Bed
In our open system, there is a “bed” with pads and cushioning on which the client lies down. The feet rest hip width apart in front of the client. In this comfortable position the client can easily insert the small pencil sized tube into their rectum. (The Living Waters staff is also available to assist in this if needed or requested.) The small tube rests comfortably in the anus the entire session and is unnoticeable even as waste passes through the tube and exits the body. There is no need for the client to push, as the water gently flows in and out and brings with it the extra waste and debris that has collected in the colon.

The waste then flows down a hole in the colonic bed and through a clear tube in which the client may view. When doing a liver, gallbladder, and intestinal parasite cleanse, or just clearing the colon of chronic blockage, this helps the client to recognize exactly what they are detoxing their body of. The Libbe System is designed so that odors and all wastes are discarded appropriately and efficiently. The treatment lasts about 40 minutes to an hour, depending on the clients needs. The water pressure and temperature of the water may be changed by the client at any time during the colonic session. Most people choose this form of colon hydrotherapy as it is the most comfortable way to rid the colon of waste. Many clients also choose this form as they often choose to administer the colonic themselves, in privacy.